Patch 1.5.26 has a nice little egg hidden inside

Skyrim: DLC Info Hints at Snow Elf Prince and Crossbows!

There’s been lots of speculative guesses as to what’s going to be a part of new Skyrim DLC.  New DLCE info hints at a few different things, including a Snow Elf Prince and crossbows.  Are there going to be random excursions to other provinces in expansions akin to Fallout’s ‘The Pit’? Possibly wolf or sabrecat mounts (I hope not)? Maybe more practical things like barding for your horse and the new upgrades and introductions of weapons and armor (probably).

Well earlier today on the Bethesda Skyrim forum, we might have gotten a glimpse of what’s to come in DLC form thanks to some files buried in Patch 1.5.26. From the looks of it we can’t say anything to the effect of other provinces or crazy new mounts, but it does point towards Snow Elves, a Snow Elf Prince, Crossbows, new vampire feeding animations, and something that we can’t be sure of right now but was coded as ‘RF.’ There has been the rumor floating around that ‘RF’ could possibly be a new follower.

BUT, that’s just a rumor.

On the relatively more concrete side of things, Pete Hines, VP of PR and marketing for Bethesda did let slip on twitter that there MIGHT be a DLC announcement next week. So stay tuned for that.

Obviously this new development sits on top of the list of things that Bethesda’s creative director Todd Howard showed at the DICE 2012 convention.

The list released included:


Kill cams for magic

Water arrows

Giant mud crabs

Paralysis runes

Seasonal foliage

Speedy water currents

Darker dungeons

Adoption of wayward orphans

More options for home building

New mounts(keep fingers crossed for battle tiger)

Faster methods of travel (portals)

Fire arrows

Perks with skill tree for Lycanthropes

Vampire imps


You can see a lot of the listed stuff actually covers a lot of different facets of the game. But all of that’s old hat anyway. For an actual view of the files head here;

Here’s a fun list of wishful thinking that I don’t really know what to think about. I’ve been skeptical about the legitmacy of this DLC news, but it certainly makes for an interesting read.

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