Bethesda Softworks releases Dishonored trailer

Dishonored Trailer Released

Bethesda Softworks released a new trailer this last week for their new steam punk revenge themed game Dishonored. The cinematics and gameplay look rich in color and quite vibrant. The concept artwork and visual design provided by Viktor Antonov, Sebastien Mitton, and Christophe Carrier has a unique sense of depth that can be seen in the teaser. While the story line doesn’t seem too terribly original we can hope that strong gameplay will redeem the story’s lack of ingenuity.

The look and feel is somewhat reminiscent of sneaking in Skyrim meets Assassin’s Creed. The aesthetic and feel at this point makes one think of high technology meets the disparity of turn of the century Russia meets the industrial revolution. The sandbox experience offers players the ability to sneak throughout the landscape using an array of supernatural powers and weapons to manipulate their environment. Dishonored by Arkane Studios makes me call into mind other Bethesda Softworks offerings like Brink or Rage. While Rage was a hoot it felt like a substitute fps version of Fallout 3 or I guess if that’s the case we could look at games like Fallout: New Vegas, that kind of fell short of expectation. That’s just the difference between Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios I guess. Despite my reservations, I’m still eagerly looking forward to playing Dishonored. There aren’t nearly enough games in the steam punk genre for my liking, so at the very least I can give this upcoming title the old college try.

Check out the trailer for dishonored below.

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