Tiyuri releases 2 new screenshots and gives us a general time frame for the release of 1.1

Tiyuri answering a question from a fan as to when he might expect to see the release of 1.1

The best hint I can give is some time in November or December, which I know is a rubbish hint. But we don’t really work to a set plan. If we think of something cool we add it and when we feel the level of cool is sufficient we release an update.

While that is not a definitive date it’s still something to look forward too. If you remember when they were making these statements around 1.0.6 it wasn’t but ~3 weeks or so before the actual release of the patch.

Tiyuri released a couple new screenshots on Reddit and later on Twitter this past week. Ever since the last update 1.0.6, information has slowly been coming out for 1.1. We have an analysis of the changes posed of the screenshots, below.

  • New background
  • 2 new Wall types, Glass and Shelving
  • All Walls now merge without a gap
  • Armor stands
  • New Armor: Green: Mythril; Blue: Cobalt; Red: Adamandite
  • New Statues and Place-able angel statues
  • 2 New weapons: Rainbow Rod, and Blue Rainbow Rod
  • Housing Structure: Pillars

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