Coriel a level 85 Paladin from the World of Warcraft guild, Ad Infinitum, weighs in about the impact of the newest pet to be released by Blizzard.

The big news this week is that Blizzard is going to sell a new pet, a Winged Guardian cub (or kitten, as everyone is referring to it), in their Real Money store. Unlike the previous pets, however, this new pet will be trade-able, and thus can be sold on the Auction House for gold.

Here are some assorted quick thoughts:

  1. Yes, it’s technically a way to indirectly trade real money for gold.
  2. Prices will probably start pretty high, and then fall rapidly as people get kittens.
  3. As an experiment, it’s good, because it won’t permanently distort the game. At some point, we’ll probably reach a kitten saturation level and everything will calm down.

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