Deathwing will be dead shorty, who will replace him?

Wrathion, according to COCLES and his article Wrathion, the new Earth-Warder?

His article is a definite must read for those of you who are interested in World of Warcraft lore. I have a couple of the paragraphs below as a preview.

Wrathion, the new Earth-Warder?

He’s the most potentially awesome character WarCraft has introduced in years. Wrathion, the Black Prince, the last black dragon on Azeroth. An impressive title, but that’s not the best part. The real kicker? The Red Dragonflight used Titan technology on him, before he was hatched, to purify him. So unlike Deathwing, unlike any other black dragon seen on Azeroth in over 10,000 years, Wrathion is a pure, uncorrupt black dragon. And considering what black dragons have been capable of as villains, one can only image what one of them could do as a hero. But therein lies the first question…

Is Wrathion a hero? I say yes. He’s ruthless and perhaps even cold, but at the end of the day… he’s one of ours. Some have pointed to Wrathion’s arranged assassinations of the remaining, corrupt black dragons, and even Deathwing himself. But is that evil? Nonsense. What would Alexstrasza do if members of her flight were corrupted to the core by Old Gods? She’d put them out of their misery. Sure, Alexstrasza would do it with love, but like I said, Wrathion is ruthless. He’s a black dragon. What did you expect? Rainbows?

So, why is this important? Why does it matter? Wrathion is the type of character writers salivate over. He’s got two things going for him: motivation and capability. Sure, this is where you all ask, “What the heck are you talking about?” …But bear with me. This is a good one.

With Deathwing dead, this finally opens the succession for there to be a new Earth-Warder. With Wrathion being the only Black Dragon left on Azeroth, the title is all but definitely his.

Is there another black dragon? Yes. But not on Azeroth. He’s in Outland, Sabellian, a son of Deathwing and likely Sintharia, since he’s also referred to as a brother to both Nefarian and Onyxia. Sabellian is another interesting black dragon. For one, he’s on good terms with Rexxar, a character who chooses his associates carefully. He’s even arguably friendly with us players. So what’s his deal? Uncorrupt black dragon? Heck no. I think he’s corrupt to the core. That said, I also believe Outland protects him from the symptoms. The Azerothian Old Gods simply can’t reach him there. Sabellian then is in permanent exile if we wishes to remain free. This in itself is awesome. Why? One name: Obi Wan Kenobi.

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