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SOPA which stands for Stop Online Piracy Act is active once again. December 21, 2011 is the big day the US government will decide the fate of who controls the internet. The people of the world versus the corporations of the United States. So who is on this laundry list of corporations? Well according to this post at Games On Net, Apple, Microsoft, Activision, EA to name a few are in support of this bill.

As usual with any type of legislation people are considering the worse case scenarios. But what is consider a good scenario in the minds of the supporters? At its heart they are wanting to protect their bottom lines and if you are an investor in one of these many companies then you should be worried about that because it will affect your earnings. Regardless on where you stand I think you can sympathize with that logical way of thinking.

The way this bill is being written gives the benefactors an incredible amount of power. They will be able to shut down any threat to their bottom line skipping due process. This essentially is saying that if you have enough lawyers up you can defend yourself but if you are one of the millions of small businesses out there and a competitor wants to shut you down they can claim you are infringing on their intellectual property which would get you blacklisted or DNS blocked making it nearly impossible for a regular internet user to find you online.

TotalBiscuit explains it in more detail. Learn about this and how it could change the way we all use the internet in the future.

WTF is SOPA ? aka The American Government trying to ruin the internet

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