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Kate Upton Bikini Grinding Cat Daddy [NSFW]

Over the past couple weeks we have been making “Entertainment” type posts which don’t have much to do with gaming. Expanding on this even further is a short clip of Kate Upton, dancing. Putting the NSFW in the title might save you some embarrassment, but there no nudity to worry about, just Kate in a swim suit grinding her hips.

Krazyxazn Joins Massvio for Guild Wars 2 review: GW2 picks up where other MMO’s lack

Guild Wars 2 delivers in personalization, customization, and whole lot of changes sure to make players continue playing.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Masks

Dragon Priests, locations and guide to make them yours.

Okay gang, so in the course of playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I encountered a lich entombed on the side of mountain next to a word wall. This turned out to be the resting place of a Dragon Priest, and when defeated they drop an item known as a Dragon Priest mask amongst the loot. The first mask I was able to get my hands on turned out to be Krosis. This was a game changer since I ran into him in early stages of gameplay and ended up with a very unique item.