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A friend of the guys from Yogcast she joins the fray with her adventurous attitude.

LP Sunday, a slew of new Authors to follow

Another huge Post. I was browsing some websites, specifically reddit.com and found some wonderful LP authors in the sub reddit Let Play. Go over there and show those guys some love <3.!

On to this huge post and by huge I mean 1 video, no no I’m joking with my dry sense of humor way, uh.. anyway. Today we have some new comers with low subscription rates but extremely entertaining non-the-less. Starting with Tobygames

Let’s Play Super Mass post Saturday + Friday

Super Saturday Let’s Play, combined with Friday’s cause I got lazy. Today we got trailer with Yogscast, Jesse and Totalbiscuit play Terraria, Iron Gamer does Mario Kart, Kootra & friends start a fresh Minecraft game, Kootra continues his solo domination of Warband, Hannah plays, Aevynne, Chiib, and Trish join Jesse for Amnesia and you guessed it, lots more!

Let’s Play Daily

Welcome to the new Let’s Play Daily roundup post. Here you will find on a daily basis all the more interesting Let’s Play that have been published on their respective days. Occasionally there will be a couple How to’s thrown in for good measure.

August 8th’s post features, SSoHPKC continuing the Parkour Legends 3 cast, OMFGCata and WoWCrendor roll alts on a random server and troll their players, Simon from Yogscast and Hannah continue there adventure through Condemned, journey through Amnesia with OMFGCata, what’s a cut? in the Nintendo classic Pokemon, PaperBatVG and Dunkey figure out it takes 2 men to properly manipulate balls correctly, Paragon Live Raid from Assembly 2011… The GM? talks about how they recruit, Simon and Lewis take a nice holiday to the quaint seaside town of Sunny Springs, and finally we wrap up with Husky casting a starcraft 2 match.