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  • LP Sunday, a slew of new Authors to follow

    Another huge Post. I was browsing some websites, specifically reddit.com and found some wonderful LP authors in the sub reddit Let Play. Go over there and show those guys some love <3.!

    On to this huge post and by huge I mean 1 video, no no I'm joking with my dry sense of humor way, uh.. anyway. Today we have some new comers with low subscription rates but extremely entertaining non-the-less. Starting with Tobygames

  • Let’s Play Daily

    Welcome to the new Let's Play Daily roundup post. Here you will find on a daily basis all the more interesting Let's Play that have been published on their respective days. Occasionally there will be a couple How to's thrown in for good measure.

    August 8th's post features, SSoHPKC continuing the Parkour Legends 3 cast, OMFGCata and WoWCrendor roll alts on a random server and troll their players, Simon from Yogscast and Hannah continue there adventure through Condemned, journey through Amnesia with OMFGCata, what's a cut? in the Nintendo classic Pokemon, PaperBatVG and Dunkey figure out it takes 2 men to properly manipulate balls correctly, Paragon Live Raid from Assembly 2011... The GM? talks about how they recruit, Simon and Lewis take a nice holiday to the quaint seaside town of Sunny Springs, and finally we wrap up with Husky casting a starcraft 2 match.