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Comedy gaming coverage with Lewis and Simon, two inept Brits who get into all sorts of zany scrapes.

Let’s Play Super Mass post Saturday + Friday


Super Saturday Let’s Play, combined with Friday’s cause I got lazy. Today we got trailer with Yogscast, Jesse and Totalbiscuit play Terraria, Iron Gamer does Mario Kart, Kootra & friends start a fresh Minecraft game, Kootra continues his solo domination of Warband, Hannah plays, Aevynne, Chiib, and Trish join Jesse for Amnesia and you guessed […]

Let’s Play Daily


Welcome to the new Let’s Play Daily roundup post. Here you will find on a daily basis all the more interesting Let’s Play that have been published on their respective days. Occasionally there will be a couple How to’s thrown in for good measure. August 8th’s post features, SSoHPKC continuing the Parkour Legends 3 cast, […]